Amazon Makes it Difficult to Preserve ESI – Week 12 (484)

Craig Ball (That one guy from those Electronic Discovery I webinars) has been having difficulty with getting electronically stored information from Amazon with regards to the data that  his Amazon Echo captures. All of the interaction with Amazon’s Alexa are stored on a single web page one can access, and voice recordings are included on this page, however Ball insinuates that Amazon purposefully made the interface and web page as difficult for collecting data as possible.

I’m sure we’ve all run into it, the type of page where the list is not separated into pages, instead you just have to keep scrolling to load more. Then once you click on something and try to return to the page it puts you back at the top instead of where back where the thing you clicked on was.

Ball describes it as “Imagine reading a book where you can’t turn to the next page without perusing every prior page again-and-again.  Now, imagine you must find where you left off without page numbers. It’s maddening.”

The ingenious way he decides to get around this is to scroll to the bottom and copy/paste the entire page into Excel. Yes, one of the premiere E-Discovery experts is cutting and pasting. Whatever works right?

What do you think about Amazon not making the page easy to use and why do you think it is like this?

Also I recommend the full article with more in depth analysis.


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